WhatsApp Pink scam is on the rise: What is WhatsApp Pink and how to remove it?

A 'forwarded' WhatsApp message is circulating on WhatsApp, claiming that WhatsApp's new version of the app known as 'Whatsapp Pink' is now available for download. The message promises the pink theme of the popular messaging app along with additional features. The message has also included a link for convincing users to begin downloading the app.

'WhatsApp Pink' is actually a malicious app designed to steal personal data, including banking details, access one-time passwords (OTPs), photos, and contacts when downloaded onto a device.

The scam was the first time exposed. by internet security researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia in April 2021.

The scam has again come out as the Mumbai Police Cyber Crime Wing issued a tweet to raise awareness about the fraud and provide guidelines to stay safe. 

The app is especially dangerous as it can access users' contacts over WhatsApp and infect other people's devices. 

How to Protect Yourself from WhatsApp Pink-like Scams?

To protect yourself from such scams, it is advisable to download and install apps from trusted sources like the Google Play Store. iPhone users are of course safe from these scams since Apple does not allow the installation of applications from unknown sources.

also, it is essential to avoid installing apps from strange websites or APKs (Android application packages) sent by unknown individuals.

Also, the 'forwarded' label on WhatsApp can help determine if the message originated from your friend or from somewhere else.

How to remove WhatsApp Pink?

In case users have clicked on the link and installed the app they are advised to uninstall the app as soon as possible.

To remove WhatsApp Pink from a device, users must first make sure the app is not linked with any other devices. This can be checked under the 'Linked devices' section in WhatsApp.

It has been reported that after installing WhatsApp Pink, the app may be hidden from the list of installed apps. Therefore, manually removing suspicious devices is an essential step in uninstalling the app.

Also, checking all download folders to make sure there is no additional file from the download still available on a device is critical to making sure the user data is protected.

Finally, when you receive such messages, do not forward them to others, make sure that the scam is not circulated to unsuspecting or more vulnerable users. If the message has been circulated from your device, please make sure to warn those who have received it.
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