Glenn McGrath thinks David Warner's professional career could be coming to end

Legendary Australian bowler Glenn McGrath said David Warner's career may be "coming to an end" if he fails to reach a big score in the second innings of the present fifth and final Ashes Test against England.

Warner only managed 24 at The Oval in the first inning.

In nine innings all over the Ashes, the left-handed opener has scored 225 runs at a dismal average of 25.00, with just one half-century (66) coming during the second Test at Lord's.

"Dave Warner is under some strain. He appeared fine before leaving once more. Sincerely, I believe that his career may be nearing its conclusion," McGrath said on SENQ Breakfast.

"I am aware that he recently stated his intention to continue playing it through the end of next summer. But I believe he is under pressure. The vultures are flying about. I believe he could struggle unless he rises in the second dig and produces an important score," he said.

Warner has denied reports that he will stop playing Test cricket after the Ashes.

During the upcoming Test series against Pakistan, Warner indicated that he would like to call it quits at Sydney Cricket Ground, where he currently plays.

McGrath believes Warner's consistency has been an issue recently as he has gotten off strong starts only to give them away. Warner has only scored one century in his past 25 Test matches.

He had a lot of starts in this series, but he keeps losing, which is unfortunate. What is there is known to me. The timing could have been better. There hasn't been a really high score or total before, however, he did have that great innings in Australia on Boxing Day where he scored 200.

He still speaks it up and says he's doing good and this and that, so he's obviously feeling stress, but he has to put runs on the board, regrettably," he said.

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