Cardi B throws a microphone at a fan who threw a drink at her onstage in the video below.

Cardi B was last seen throwing her microphone at a concertgoer who tossed their drink at the rapper onstage in a video that quickly became viral online.

With her performance, the "I Like It" singer was seen lighting the stage. The performer became startled a short time later when a fan placed their drink at her while she was playing. The artist could be seen throwing her headset at the fan in the now-viral pictures.

The singer seemed to be screaming at them and appeared incredibly angry. As they worked to calm the singer, her assistants hurriedly removed the guest from the crowd. The rapper's account posted the video right after the incident occurred.

The internet is congratulating Cardi B for what she did. Someone who left a comment on the video replied, "She deserved it, she shouldn't have done that."

"She performed all the required tasks! Fans have been throwing objects at outcomes, which has to stop. Someone else chimed in, "Finally a celebrity fighting back."

"People ought to stay away from throwing objects at artists. The fourth wrote, "It's really gone out of hand like they aren't even people in your eyes.

"I don't blame Cardi B these concerts are now how they used to be these concerts goers have no respect for anyone especially no respect for the artist throwing stuff at them so good for Cardi for doing that if you treat me with disrespect you get disrespected back period," the fifth user said.

It has happened before that performers have been hit by items thrown at them. Harry Styles, a singer, recently had an eye injury while in Vienna after something was thrown at the stage.

Earlier, artists on stage like Drake, Bebe Rexha, Kelsea Ballerini, and Ava Max were hit by things.

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